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RT Boss​ is an International celebrity ​spiritual advisor​, dancehall entertainer​ & the ​CEO​ Of ​RT Records​ and RT Family Gone Global Inc​.

RT Boss is an emerging dancehall artist who has been fortunate enough to work with some of dancehall’s top producers in collaboration with his own label ​RT Records​.

Under his label he has released hit songs such as “​DALLA​”, ​MEK IT JUMP​” and “​SURVIVOR​”.
After releasing these songs, it was clear that RT had taken dancehall by storm with his quirky

gyal songs​. His latest release “​BUZZ​” is literally creating an actual “​buzz​” in the streets.

“I’ve been musically inclined from a young age. Undecided whether I wanted to pursue a career in music, I decided to focus on my other talents.
The moment I decided on taking my passion seriously, I knew that I wanted to give back. Not only to my community or my country but to the world”.

RT has gained the reputation of being the artist that gives back. Known as the “​cheerleaders piggy bank”,​ RT realized that most dancers in the dancehall fraternity often work tirelessly- promoting and performing for free. “Most people see dancing as just fun, but I see a craft that takes hard work and dedication. That’s why I give back and throw money at the dancers in the streets”.

In 2013 he created his business ​RT Family Gone Global Inc.

With his newly found company -which does not only serves as a charity organization but also as an entertainment company- he has been making hits after hits and giving back to the less fortunates across the world.

In 2019 RT Boss was featured in locally recognized national newspaper in Jamaica- the Jamaica Star​ with an article on his ​spiritual healing.
One year later the ​Jamaica Star​ heralds RT Boss ​again-​ setting himself apart from other artists.

Since then ​RT Boss​ has appeared on various platforms such as ​OnStage ​with Winford Williams, The Alrick Show ​with Alrick McKenzie and ​The Fix ​formerly known as Nightly Fix​.

It was in that same year (2020) when RT Boss initiated “​Dancehall Gives Back​”. A movement that challenged dancehall artists to give back to the less fortunate.

With over 100,000 followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, his content has had over 500,000 views since.

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